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Voyage to the Abyss

Kraft Telerobotics has delivered a custom engineered manipulator arm to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) for use on their ultra deep diving ROV "Nereus". Using its on board Kraft arm, Nereus will perform a wide variety of manipulative tasks at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, more than 36,000 feet deep. Read more...

Brokk 180R Material Handling and Demolition Robot

Kraft Telerobotics, Inc. delivers the first ever commercially available demolition robot with master/slave force feedback control. Read more...

The Power of 3 image

Kraft, Brokk, Ameasol Team for Success Download PDF Ad

Kraft TeleRobotics to provide HROV manipulator

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has contracted Kraft TeleRobotics to design and build a custom engineered manipulator arm for their Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle (HROV). Read more...

Predator force feedback manipulator arm for Defence R&D Canada

The Defence Research & Development of Canada (DRDC) has taken delivery of a new Kraft TeleRobotics Predator force feedback manipulator system. Read more...

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Unique New Technology Enables Archaeology in the Deep Seaimage

Sea Technology, October 2006

"An Exploration into How to Excavate a Shipwreck in 170 Meters' Water Depth" Read more...


Going Deep with Bob Ballardimage

National Geographic, May 2004

"Ballard's plan calls for remotely controlled vehicles to carry out the careful excavation of deep-sea wrecks, and for their activities to be broadcast live via satellite to scholars and students back on the beach over Internet2, the next-generation network not yet available to the public." Read more...


The Marketplace: ROV Toolingimage

Underwater Magazine, May-June 2003

"Without the right tooling package for a given subsea job, that shiny new $3 million work class ROV is just a really expensive underwater camera. We rounded up the leaders in ROV tooling from around the world to detail their latest offerings, with an introduction by Steve Harbour of Kraft TeleRobotics." View PDF
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Evolution - Predator IIimage

Ocean News & Technology, March 2002

"As the next generation manipulator for deep ocean work, Predator II is the culmination of 20 plus years of experience and everything Kraft" Read more...


The Marketplace: ROV Toolingimage

Underwater Magazine, March-April 2001

"Kraft TeleRobotics has introduced a unique, six-degree-of-freedom, miniature force feedback master controller, the Kraft mini-master, which is well suited for use within the confined operating environment typically found in manned undersea vehicle or an ROV's operator control van." Read more...


Kraft for Dominionimage

International Ocean Systems, July-August 2000

"Kraft manipulator will turn Terra Nova's knobs"

Tools For a New Ageimage

Ocean News & Technology, November-December 2000

A Kraft magazine ad.


ROV Tools and Work Systemsimage

Ocean News & Technology, March-April 1999

"Manipulators or "arms" are an essential part of any work ROV." Read more...

Diversification & Opportunityimage

Ocean News & Technology, September-October 1999

"In the early 1980s, Kraft focused entirely on developing manufacturing undersea manipulator systems for use off-shore, and between 1983 and 1988 Kraft produced a variety of very successful systems." Read more...


Force Feedback: Manipulators Put Operators in Touchimage

Underwater Magazine, Summer 1998

"Force feedback allows the operator to control the amount of force the manipulator can exert at the work site." Read more...

R2D2 Does Vault Inspectionsimage

Utility Safety, June 1998

"The M5-A Scout remotely-operated inspection vehicle embodies all the necessary components for doing vault inspections." Read more...

Kraft Responds to the Subsea Market with Raptorimage

Ocean News & Technology, September-October 1998

"Raptor is a very rugged, powerful, high-dexterity manipulator for applications where both size and weight as well as lift and reach are important." Read more...


ROV Manipulator Newsimage

Ocean News & Technology, May-June 1997

"Kraft has produced a new arm called Predator."

Robotics company reaches out globallyimage

Kansas City Business Journal, April 4-10 1997

"Using software nearly six years in the designing, the Kraft robotic arm electronically simulates the pressure an operator would feel picking up a nearly 100 pound crossbar for a utility pole or hitting a buried pipe with a gripper." Read more...
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Manhole Maneuvererimage

Popular Mechanics, April 1994

"Kraft TeleRobotics has developed the M5-A Scout to inspect underground transformer vaults if dangerous conditions are suspected." Read more...


RoboExcavator: The Future Has Arrivedimage

Equipment World, May 1993

"Kraft TeleRobotics' Haz-Trak is a remote-controlled excavator that can be controlled up to one mile away with the console. As the operator moves the controller, the boom and bucket will move in the same manner." Read more...

Robotic Linemanimage

Lift Equipment, August-September 1993

Utility company puts robotic arms to work.

"Telerobotic" Potential for Utility Applicationsimage

Utility Construction & Maintenance, September-October 1993

"Current and potential use of telerobotics in the utility industry is a present actuality and a future reality." Read more...

Robotic Lineman Attracts a Crowd at ICUEEimage

Trailer Body Builders, October 1993

"Developed by Kraft TeleRobotics in Overland Park, Kansas, the robotic arms are directed through electroproportional hydraulic controls using fiber-optic signals." Read more...

Inspection Vehicleimage

Utility Construction & Maintenance, November-December 1993

"Kraft TeleRobotics presented the M5-A Scout remotely operated vehicle system for inspection and environmental monitoring purposes at Reach-All booth..." Read more...


A remotely operated excavatorimage

Nuclear Engineering International, January 1992

"Force feedback enables a single operator to use the HAZ-TRAK remotely operated excavator with ease at nuclear waste sites and during decommissioning of nuclear facilities." Read more...

The Greatest Treasure Ever Foundimage

LIFE Magazine, March 1992

"For 131 years one of the world's richest treasures - perhaps a billion dollars in fine gold - lat lost and out of reach in the frigid, lightless depths of the Atlantic, entombed in the wreck of a once elegant 19th century steamer, the S.S. Central America." Read more...

Smart Shovelimage

Popular Mechanics, June 1992

"A remote-control shovel lets its operator feel what's happening from miles away, making the removal of hazardous waste simpler and safer than ever before." Read more...

Telerobotics: A Technology Worthwhile to Manimage

Utility Construction & Maintenance, June-July 1992

"In 1988, Kraft TeleRobotics introduced a revolutionary new force feedback manipulator system for undersea use." Read more...

Robotic Bubble Bucket Truckimage

Popular Mechanics, September 1992

"Many of Japan's electric companies aren't using bucket trucks anymore. Instead, their linemen work from enclosed, windowed cabins fitted with twin telerobotic manipulator arms." Read more...

Intelligent excavatorimage

Popular Mechanics, December 1992

"Kraft TeleRobotics believes its new Haz-Trak excavator will bring the historically low-tech construction industry into the space age." Read more...


Reach out and touch...roboticallyimage

Lift Equipment, February-March 1991

"Japanese company develops telerobotic 'bucket truck'."

Kraft Introduces New Excavating Robot with Force Feedbackimage

HazMat News, March 1, 1991

"Kraft TeleRobotics of Overland Park, KS, has announced that it has adapted its bilateral force feedback technology for remote control of a hydraulically powered excavator and material handling system called HAZ-TRAK." Read more...

Robotic Excavator could play key role in waste cleanup.image

Machine Design, March 21, 1991

"The hazardous job of cleaning up radioactive and chemical waste may soon be the responsibility of the remotely operated excavator dubbed Haz-Trak." Read more...

Operators "Feel" Material That They Are Excavatingimage

Military Robotics, January 1991

"A firm in Overland Park, Kan., has developed a remotely operated excavator and materials handling system that lets the operator "feel" the material he is handling." Read more...

$200 billion cleanup marketimage

Soils, May-June 1991

"New technology needed to remediate weapons manufacturing sites"

Telerobotic excavator operates in hazardous environmentsimage

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, August 1991

"Telerobotic Haz-Trak system remotely controls downsized, 6800-lb excavator with maximum digging radius of 15 ft, 5 in., that can travel at speeds to 2 mph." Read more...


NASA/University Technology Cooperationimage

NASA Spinoff, 1990

"Kraft TeleRobotics supplied a dual arm telerobot that has been installed in the Space Technology Center to test the new sensor technology and computer software." Read more...


Targeting the Market of the Future: Robots in Spaceimage

The Innovator, May 1989

"Founded in 1975 to supply the offshore oil industry with manipulator systems for underwater work, Kraft is repositioning its products to serve the nuclear and aerospace markets." Read more...


Robotic Linemanimage

Popular Mechanics, March 1988

"TOMCAT is designed to take the danger out of overhead transmission line repair." Read more...

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