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Kraft TeleRobotics is proud to offer the M5-A SCOUT remotely operated vehicle system for Inspection and environmental monitoring purposes. The SCOUT system was developed to meet the increasing demand for greater safety while working in underground utility vaults. For customers who have personnel working in confined spaces, areas with restricted access, or hazardous environments, the M5-A SCOUT provides a low cost alternative for performing a variety of tasks.

Once deployed, SCOUT is capable of detailed video inspections from floor to ceiling, pinpoint laser aimed infrared temperature measurements, and atmospheric testing for flammable gasses, toxic gasses, and oxygen levels. Additionally the M5-A SCOUT can be used while workers are in the vault, to provide a continuous visual and audio link with co-workers at street level.

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Can be transported in a small truck with bumper mounted lifting device.


Will pass through a 27" Dia. manhole, and travel along a 22" wide corridor.

Water Proof

May be operated continuously in a dry or flooded environment.


Capable of rotating 360 degrees about its own axis.

Radio Controlled

No wires or umbilical cable of any kind.

One Man Operation

Can be easily deployed, operated and recovered by one man.




Kraft M5-A Scout Mast Telescope Interactive View

Click image to view telescoping camera mast

360° VIEW

Kraft M5-A Scout Vehicle Interactive View

Click image to view 360° view

  • Routine and emergency inspection of underground or restricted access facilities.
  • Reduced Liability - Personnel do not enter enclosures for routine inspection
  • Better inspection records - SCOUT generates a video record of the entire inspection process, which includes all the information gathered by SCOUT's onboard cameras and sensors.
  • Reduced cost - Fewer personnel are needed to perform routine inspections. SCOUT can be easily deployed, operated, and recovered by a single individual.

M5-A Vehicle

Drive System Differential electric drive.
Power Supply Sealed no-maintenance batteries
Battery Charging Connector on vehicle permits battery charging off utility truck alternator, or supplied battery charger.
Operating time 10 hours typical
Dimensions 20.5" wide x 21" long x 52" high.
Weight Approx. 275 pounds.

Instrumentation Payload


  • Pan and tilt mounted color CCD camera, with auto focus, and 8x zoom.
  • Telescoping camera mast, capable of raising camera 7' 6" above floor level
  • Two pan/tilt mounted 20 watt halogen lights
  • One 70 watt halogen floor light


  • pan/tilt mounted, laser aimed, infrared temperature measuring unit
  • thermal imaging camera
  • vehicle mounted gas monitoring equipment
  • six-function manipulator arm

Operators Control Station

Operator Control Unit Compact hand held proportional joystick.
Dimensions 4.75" wide x 6.75" long x 5" high
Weight 2.1 pounds
Control Elecrtonics Unit 19" rack mount packaged in rugged weather proof transit case.
Power Requirement 12 volts DC or 115 volts AC
Dimensions 22.4" wide x 22" long x 12.1" high.
Weight 30 pounds
Display Color CRT or flat panel LCD
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