The first Kraft manipulator systems were delivered in 1982, following the introduction of the Grips system. Since then, hundreds of Kraft systems of various types and sizes have been delivered to customers world wide for use in a never ending list of applications. These include a variety of both electric and hydraulic rate controlled, position controlled and position controlled manipulators with force feedback. In addition to our standard product line, Kraft has also built numerous special purpose manipulator systems to satisfy customer requirements.

Kraft arms are used in a wide variety of demanding applications, and are designed for continuous use in both the deep ocean environment, and on dry land. Kraft manipulators have a long history of use undersea, as well as in the nuclear, electric utilities, and aerospace arenas.

Within the oil & gas industry, Kraft manipulator arms are used by the world's leading underwater contractors to complete difficult subsea tasks in support of offshore oil exploration, deep water drilling, and underwater construction. In the deepest parts of the world's oceans, Kraft manipulator arms allow marine scientists to perform meaningful science in the most inaccessible regions on earth, including the bottom of the Marianas Trench, more than 36,000 feet beneath the surface.

On dry land, Kraft manipulator systems are used in the demolition of nuclear power plants, the remote clearing of unexploded ordnance by military EOD personnel, the repair and maintenance of energized power lines, and in support of Space Station and other NASA programs.

In addition to our manipulator products, Kraft manufactures a variety of unmanned ground vehicles which include reconnaissance vehicles, force feedback excavators and material handling systems.

Kraft manipulator systems and equipment have been sold to such leading organizations as:

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