The Institute For Exploration (IFE) remotely operated vehicle "Hercules" using its Predator force feedback manipulator arm during a scientific experiment at the sea floor. Hercules, with its Predator arm, is capable of completing a wide variety of underwater tasks, and is used for scientific work, deep ocean archeology, and the excavation of ancient ship wrecks.


Predator operating from the ROV Hercules during a scientific experiment at the sea floor.
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The ROV Hercules being launched over the side of the NOAA research vessel Ronald Brown.
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The bow section of the RMS Titanic stands as a majestic reminder of a gone by era, and the worlds most famous maritime disaster. During Bob Ballard's "Return to Titanic" expedition, the ROV Hercules, equipped with a Kraft Predator arm, dove to a depth of 12,000 feet to survey the condition of the ship.

Hercules ROV near Titanic

Hercules hovering off the stern section of the Titanic.

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Using its Predator manipulator arm the ROV Hercules placed a Titanic memorial plaque on the sea floor near the bow of the ship.

The Titanic to Leave Southampton To-day on Her Maiden Trip Across the Atlantic

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