Electric Utilities

Hydro Quebec Hydro Quebec Hydro Quebec

At the Hydro Quebec high voltage test facility in Canada, a Hydro Quebec robotic system with two Kraft force feedback manipulator arms, undergoes testing for work on energized distribution lines
(Photos, courtesy of Hydro Quebec)

Aichi Bucket Truck Aichi Bucket Truck

Using two Kraft force feedback manipulator arms, the Aichi system safely performs installation, maintenance and repair tasks on energized distribution lines while the lineman sits comfortably in an insulated cab.
(Photos courtesy of AICHI Corporation).


The PG&E Aerial Integrated Robotics (AIR) platform is equipped with two Kraft Grips force feedback manipulator arms for distribution line work. As with other electric utility systems that use Kraft force feedback manipulator technology, the lineman operator is isolated and protected from high voltage and the prevailing weather.


With the integration of two Kraft force feedback manipulator arms, the Iberdrola robotic system "ROBTET" is designed to complete remote maintenance and repair work on distribution networks up to 49kV. Developed in cooperation with COBRA,SA and DISAM (Polytechnic University of Madrid), a unique aspect of the ROBTET distribution line system, is that the lineman operator is at ground level.

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