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Arm Spares Kit | More Detail

Replacement parts for your Predator, Raptor, or Grips manipulator arm.

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Subsea Electronics Bottle | More Detail

This subsea electronics bottle has a 3000 meter depth rating and provides a compact one atmosphere environment for your Predator, Raptor or Grips remote servo driver (RSD) module.

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Intermeshing Jaws | More Detail

Intermeshing Jaws can be used to replace the parallel acting jaws on any Kraft Predator, Raptor or Grips manipulator arm.

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Parallel Jaws | More Detail

These parallel acting jaws are manufactured from heat treated 17-4PH stainless steel and are capable of grasping a wide variety of objects.

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Small High Pressure In-Line Hydraulic Filter | More Detail

Available with 3 or 25 micron replaceable filter element

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